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Combed walls provide a relaxing, natural backdrop for today’s casual lifestyles. I have used this technique to create a crisp linen look in a seaside beach-house, and to create a comfortable denim feel to a cheery bathroom. This woven look is created by dragging a special combing tool first vertically then horizontally through wet glaze. Base Color Benjamin Moore Paint #2108-60Glaze Colors


(A) Benjamin Moore Paint #HC-151How-To Instructions Prep 1: Before base coating, make sure your surface is in good condition. Patch holes and cracks with spackling paste, and wash any dirt from surface using a mild soap. Mask all windows, baseboards, and moldings using 2″ painter’s tape. Evenly apply paint with roller. Base coat should always be a satin or semi-gloss latex finish. Two coats may be necessary depending on coverage. Let dry 24 hours. Prep 2: Before you faux, prepare your glaze/paint mixture(s). A 5:1 ratio (5 parts Faux Like Pro glaze to 1 part paint) is highly recommended. This ratio will allow you time to work the finish and prevent it from drying too fast. Step 1: Evenly apply glaze A with a 4″ latex brush, using consistent horizontal strokes. Start at the top of the wall and work from left to right, corner to corner, covering the top third of the wall. Step 2: While the glaze is still wet, brush over the same area with a dry, bristle block brush to even out the glaze. Step 3: Using steady pressure, drag your large comb through the wet glaze the entire length of the wall. Wipe off comb after each pass. Perfectly straight lines are not necessary; irregularities create an appealing textural quality. Leave a two-inch strip of wet glaze untouched at the bottom of each section. Continue steps 1-3 until entire wall is covered with horizontal combing lines. Let dry 24 hours. Step 4: Evenly apply another layer of glaze A over the original comb finish with a 4″ latex brush using consistent vertical strokes. Start at the top of the wall and work your way down to the bottom, covering the first third of the wall.

Step 5: While the glaze is still wet, brush over the same area with a dry, bristle softener brush to even out the glaze. Step 6: Use your large comb to drag vertically through the wet glaze. Hold the comb with two hands as you move down the wall from top to bottom. A good grip and steady pressure will allow you to create straight lines. Repeat steps 4-6 until the entire wall is covered. Tip 1 If your comb slides out of alignment you can redo the pass by brushing over the mistake with the tinted glaze. Tip 2 As you drag the comb down the wall glaze will build up between the comb and will gather at the end of each pass, especially in corners. You can use a small brush to clean up any messy areas. Tip 3 Keep up a speedy rhythm as you work to avoid drying paint. If your brushed on area dries before you can pass a comb through it, loosen it up by applying fresh glaze. Supplies: – gallon of glaze – large comb – bristle block brush You will also need the following basic supplies from your local hardware store: – 4″ latex all purpose brushes – paint roller – medium nap – roller tray – 3″ latex cutting brush – large bucket for water – 2 containers to hold glaze/paint mixture – painter’s tape – latex gloves – rags for clean up – drop cloths