Carpe diem painting | feng shui Search color your LIFE

Dear visitors, I am garage independent scientist & inventor dealing with Quantum mechanics working on Fusion reactor for producing electricity. There is “hARMony” state for system such a kind of firm spot. “Give me but a firm spot on which to stand, and I shall move the earth.“ Archimedes. According to E=mc2 taking into account relativity and taking into account Quantum mechanics everything is in movement. Find such of “hARMony“ state is state of firm spot and due to movement could gain energy from that. Some of my graphs have scientific use and some are beautiful art.


Paintings are high detail colorful 3d CAD modeling digital paintings for relax atmosphere of houses for sale on print on demand e-shop. For my paintings I am developing computer algorithms for special effects and color theory. Present special effects used at paintings are Dispersia for feng shui flowers and RTDG n-enlargement fractal that I am using for build of Calabi Yau (String), that is 3d rendering script simulate physics of light near perfect realism.

I hope, that you will enjoy my 3d CAD modeling digital paintings and make your home relaxing. Whole profit from my paintings I am going to use for my Fusion reactor. Best regards, Vesely (my art pseudonym)