Roll off dumpsters are always a better choice

I know that people always think that a dumpster is just a dumpster, regardless of the form it takes or the function is it intended to perform.

But this is just not the case, and it simply isn’t true. A roll off dumpster is one that the truck will bring to your location, they will back it into place, and then on a set schedule they will roll off with the contents, leaving the dumpster empty again. The rental dumpster service is when the dumpster is brought to your site, you fill it up, and then the dumpster is picked up and taken away. This is more of a one time use situation, something that would be used if the customer were to tear off the roof of their home, or were doing some kind of one time demolition.


The other type, the roll off dumpster, is used for clients who have a reoccurring need for trash pick up, and they need something larger than what the city trash collection services are will to pick up and take away. The roll off dumpster is one that will sit on your property, in a properly designated spot, and will be filled and emptied on a regular basis, with just the contents being taken away and not the entire dumpster. This is the type of service that a construction crew would use, for a designated amount of time and for a certain amount of trash every day, or something of that nature, for whatever the occasion calls for.