Why You Should Hire a Pro

Why should you hire a professional house painter rather than do it yourself or hire some local kids? There are a number of reasons why hiring a professional is the better option, not least of which is because your home may contain lead paint if it was built before 1978. Though the cost of hiring a professional may seem a bit prohibitive, there are definite benefits to getting a licensed, bonded and insured painting pro to bring your house back to a state of glory.


First and foremost is that time is money and your time is probably better spent doing something else. Professional painters make their living off home interior painting and there is more to properly painting your house than just slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Properly painting your home involves lots of prep work. Everything from scrubbing down surfaces to filling in holes and doing repair work. Getting a house ready to paint is at least one weekend and depending on how much prep work you need to do could take even longer. Professionals know how to quickly and efficiently make necessary repairs and get to the painting.


Secondly, unless you want to spend a lot of money on tools, the look of a job done by a professional compared to the look of a job done by yourself is definitely going to be different. Plus, a professional will know how to apply a coat of paint protectively, making sure that the raw materials of your house are protected from the elements. Plus, because they’ve done all the prep work the right way, you know their paint job is going to last. A professional can help you pick the right colors for your home as well, helping you to match trim areas to your over-all color so that your house looks beautiful.


Have you ever had a bunch of people over to help you do housework and someone was hurt? Or maybe a bunch of children over for a birthday party and had one get injured? You may not know it but if they didn’t sue you, you were lucky. Professionals, however, if you make sure they are insured, take on the risk of painting your house without putting you in danger of having to foot the bill if they fall. Plus, if one of their employees causes damage to your house they are the ones that will have to fix it. If you are working on painting your trim and slip off a ladder before crashing into a window, you’ll have to pay for all of that plus your hospital bills yourself!


Lastly, because professional painters have made house painting their career, they can dedicate the time to making sure that your house is detailed perfectly and they don’t have the stress of trying to get done quickly so they can do the job in a weekend. Painting your house is their job and it’s one that they have learned to do well. Trust the professionals and hire one to paint your homes’ interior and exterior.