Working the Dumpster Life | The Top Dumpster Rental Services

Working for a dumpster rental service is not the most rewarding job, but it pays the bills. Although I am not far ahead of the garbage man, I never have to touch the dumpster, so that is a plus. Mostly, there is a lot of waiting.

We wait for someone to rent the dumpster, we wait for them to call us to pick up the dumpster. Between that, we load them up, drive them around, and drop them off. It is a simple job, but it is rewarding. For one, I never have to pay to rent a dumpster. I just get a dumpster. In my truck, I get to listen to the music that I like, and get to drive the area that I am most comfortable with. I also get the first look at what anyone is throwing away, and I get to have my pick of the good stuff before we take it to the landfills. Sometimes I find some pretty amazing stuff.


Furniture, computers, record players, all sorts of things. A lot of guys talk big, saying they have found weird stuff that no one really ever finds. We all know the dumpster gnomes get the weird stuff. Nobody knows where they go with it, though. We have never seen them at the lot, and the landfill guys have never heard of them. It seems like there are traces of them at every full dumpster we go to, but there is never any concrete proof…except for the pointy gnome hats they always leave behind.