Dumpster Diver or Entrepreneur?

With the way the economy is right now there are a lot of dumpster divers, which use to be call trash pickers.  A story of some one that went back to college. They had to give back their car due to funds and found a wheel cart in the trash. They used that to haul groceries back and forth to the apartment they lived in. 


Also found a halogen lamp to use while studying late at night. They we’re able to pretty much furnish their apartment off of things that people threw away. Candles, picture frames, cleaning supplies, books, coffee mugs and dishes.  Some people think this is appalling to go diving in the dumpster.  Others wonder how people can just throw away perfectly good things. And some think that it’s being eco-friendly, as it’s less things that go into the land fill.

Dumpster divers feel that if something is thrown away then it’s garbage, it’s free for the taking. Which it is, but they also have a choice. Do it or don’t. If it saves them twenty bucks then their happy with that, plus they say their saving the environment. Entrepreneurs would rather continue to work hard at their business and be able to buy the things that they need rather than look in the trash for them. Entrepreneurs help the environment by recycling rather than just throwing everything in the garbage. Entrepreneurs also help others become successful.

The choice is yours to be a dumpster diver or an entrepreneur. Everyone in this world has a choice of which path their life takes. A lot of people will argue with that fact. But the facts are you make your own bed you lie in. Look at the choice Superman made after he wound up in as a paraplegic. He didn’t just choose to sit there and die, he continued to motivate millions of people. What do you choose to be?