This big blue dumpster was nearly full after today

When this humungous rent a dumpster was dropped off at the job site we all had a big laugh about how much work would have to be done to even put a dent to the interior space of that thing. Well, after nine long hours tearing down this old factory I can actually quantify in sweat and gatorade just how much work that was.


Incredibly, even after enlisting the help of ten other men and their fork lifts, we were only able to fill this thing half way. I say that with a bit of admiration because now I don’t have to call and have it towed away as often which will save me some money. The selection at the dumpster rental company was out of this world and it made my decision easy as to which company I would choose to rent from. We chose a massive forty yard roll off dumpster because they are the easiest to load and unload onto a flat bed truck.

This is crucial because our job site is an ever moving bee hive of activity and the only place for a dumpster is near the main entrance, which happens to be a one lane dirt road. To my relief, the company sent out a seasoned veteran who was able to land that puppy right in the spot we had allotted for him and he had virtually no room for error. He was kind and generous and showed us how to use all the latches and how to secure it after the day on the site was done.