This Dumpster Rental Service Had a Sense of Humor

We needed to remove a whole lot of earth and didn’t have much time to do it. We had recently had an incident involving one of our employees getting stuck in a roll off dumpster that had made us all the laughing stock of the entire company.

The employee was four foot, eleven inches tall and apparently she and another male employee jumped in to this dumpster to hide from their supervisor while they shared a cigarette. Then, the story goes that the other male employee gets an urgent phone call from his wife, becomes frantic and runs up the inside wall of the dumpster, reaches up and grabs the top and pulls himself out. He then runs to his truck and drives home leaving our, frighteningly tiny and short female employee behind in an empty dumpster that is several feet taller than her little arms can reach with no hopes of getting out because everyone else had apparently taken off to lunch.


Well, thank goodness it was a lunch break and not the end of the day because this could have turned into something much more serious, all she had to endure was a long lunch before everyone came back and heard her cries and were able to easily hoist her out. Word spread and somehow I’m wearing the dunce cap because this is my crew, it spread so far that the Dumpster Rental Service brought us an entire shipment of five foot tall dumpsters with a note that reads: “In case anyone falls in…”. Ha! I never expected that it would come to this far but hey, at least everyone has a sense of humor.